Hi, I’m Jessie.  The Founder of AJE Healthcare.

I started my career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.  But back then I had a very different view of the sector than I have today.  I’ve always had a passion for people, but my connection to the products and their therapeutic benefits was somewhat arm’s length.

Then there was the day it all changed for me.  I was thirty years old, pregnant, and as far as I knew perfectly healthy.  I was scheduled for a quick fifteen-minute scan to reveal my first baby’s gender.  But fifteen minutes turned to thirty, and then over an hour as my anxiety started to escalate with every passing minute.  And then the unimaginable happened.  I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.  I was quickly rushed to surgery for an emergency C-section and my daughter was born.  The surgeons also removed a tumor that was bigger than my baby’s head.

But, while my ordeal had begun with shattering suddenness, it was far from over.  The slow and painful recovery was only just beginning.  I went through many months of chemotherapies that ravaged my body.  Perhaps even harder was the necessary separation from my baby.  I was fighting physically, but I was battling even harder emotionally.

And, as anyone who has battled an aggressive cancer knows, the initial treatment is not the end of the journey.  In the last decade of my slow recovery from this life-changing ordeal, when pharmaceuticals couldn’t help me any further, I poured my heart and soul into natural healthcare.  And in doing so, I learned how to regain my physical strength and reconnect emotionally with my family and life going forward.

Like the rest of my cancer journey, this wasn’t an easy process.  Despite my experience in the sector, I found the information available to me was unclear and confusing.  The options were overwhelming.  The suitability to my specific needs was murky.  And the ability to get good advice was scarce.  So, I took control of my own learning.  And as my healing journey finally reached a stage where I could share my experience without breaking down emotionally, it became my life calling to lead a mission in shaping a complete, clear, and easy-to-follow natural health system.

Gold Health is the starting point of this unwavering passion and pursuit. Founded upon our core principle of serving our community with care and compassion. We are proud to be a part of our community’s wellness journey by providing affordable practitioner-strength natural health products. Gold Health has served tens of thousands of New Zealanders, and the trust and loyalty our customers have shown us over the last 20 years have been tremendously humbling. To this day, we cherish the time spent helping our customers. We take the time to understand their needs and to provide advice around our solutions.  We treat each customer as we would our own family – with care, empathy, and love!

The Gold Health Difference

Since our 20th birthday, the team and I have given considerable thought to a pressing question:

In our fast-paced world where natural health is becoming increasingly important, what exactly are the unique values of Gold Health?

And here is what we strive for...