Zenipower Cochlear Implant Hearing Aid Batteries size 675P

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Same discounts apply when purchasing different sizes across the Zenipower range (e.g. 6 cards size 312 + 4 cards size 13 = 1 box)
Super Heavy Duty Zinc Air batteries, suitable for digital hearing aids, low internal resistance, less sound distortion, standard dial pack of 6 cells

As Cochlear hearing aid users go through batteries much quicker than other hearing aid users, we now offer this special bulk buy, paying only $5.50 per card of 6 batteries when ordering 3 boxes at a time.

Size A675P (blue tab)
Super Heavy Duty, Max. output drain > 20 mA
A675P 500mAh at 100 Ohms
Suitable for cochlear
Low internal resistance
Less sound distortion
For cochlear implants