Twin Pack - Aged Black Garlic with NZ Horopito

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Gold Health Aged Black Garlic with NZ Horopito Immune Booster Garlic Supplement

Gold Health Black Garlic Natural Supplement

• Exclusive Formulation

• Potent Antioxidant for Immune Support Best Natural Defence

• Carefully aged and fermented black garlic to enhance its bioactivity and antioxidant potency, and reduce smell and irritation.

• Other health benefits include supporting healthy cardiovascular function, healthy blood pressure and healthy blood lipids.

• Craft formulated with New Zealand Horopito. Prized for its spicy taste and reddish leaves, it supports healthy circulation, digestion and natural antioxidant defences.

• Horopito has been extensively utilized in traditional herbal practice for numerous decades by the Maori people to support digestive comfort, blood circulation and respiratory health.

Black Garlic and Horopito Health Facts:

• Black garlic is raw garlic that people have fermented under controlled high-temperature, high-humidity conditions for several weeks.

• The fermentation process gives black garlic substantially more antioxidants than raw garlic. The aging process also significantly increases total antioxidant activity in black garlic

• Horopito helps strengthen tissues and supports the immune syestem and healthy blood flow throughout the body.

Gold Health MAX Aged Black Garlic Supplement Immune Suppport Description:

Gold Health Aged Black Garlic is a fermented and aged version of garlic, this process reduces the potent garlic smelling components, to leave a milder but more biologically active antioxidant-rich compound.

Black Garlic supports the immune system, healthy cardiovascular function, healthy blood pressure and healthy blood lipids.

Horopito is a New Zealand plant prized for its spicy taste and reddish leaves. It supports healthy circulation and digestion.


Aged Black Garlic (Allium sativum) - 560mg

New Zealand Horopito (Pseudowintera colorata) leaf - 100mg

Magnesium Stearate - 5mg

Daily Dose:

One capsule per day. Can be increased to two capsules a day if required.


Always read the label. Take only as directed. There is no known drug interactions or contraindications.

More Information on Aged Black Garlic Health Benefits

Gold health aged black garlic natural supplement

What is Aged Black Garlic

Black Garlic is not a natural variant of regular white garlic. It cannot be grown in the garden. It is the end product of regular white garlic going through a carefully controlled aging and fermenting process, normally under monitored temperature between 70 and 80 °C for 11 days to over a month.

This aging and fermentation process causes changes in aged black garlic composition, making many components more bioactive. The aging process also changes the taste and odour of regular garlic from the distinct strong spicy taste to a slightly sweet dried-fruit-like taste and from an unpleasant smell to a mild aroma with almost no smell.

Aged Black Garlic Key Nutrients and Their Health Benefits

The potency of the following key nutrients in aged black garlic has been increased 2-7 fold compared to regular garlic, during the aging and fermentation process.


Studies have shown that S-Allylcysteine in aged black garlic has the potential health benefit of supporting positive aging, skin integrity, recovery from fatigue, healthy blood sugar levels and our body’s natural protective responses to nervous disorders and other health concerns related to an unhealthy lifestyle.


Studies have shown that Polyphenols in aged black garlic can potentially support healthy blood sugar levels, healthy weight, blood vessel strength and integrity, and healthy digestion.


Studies have shown that Arginine in aged black garlic can potentially support wound healing, collagen generation, normal kidney function, immune system integrity and healthy blood flow.

Amino Acid

Studies have shown that Amino Acids in aged black garlic can potentially support energy production, physical performance, fatigue recovery and healthy muscle strength and tone.

Aged Black Garlic Health Benefits:

Aged black garlic can have potential supportive effects in:

Supporting our immune system with its potent antioxidant effects

Supporting healthy blood sugar levels

Supporting Heart health

Supporting Brain health and function

Supporting Liver protection

Supporting Gut health

Supporting Bone health

Natural Sources of Aged Black Garlic:

A variety of aged black garlic products are available including powder, oil and vinegar, which can be used in cooking or as sauce or dressing. Aged black garlic supplements are concentrated black garlic extract, providing potent health support and ease of consumption.

For more information, please refer to our blog post below.

Together with over 50 researches and studies that are the basis of our information and the Gold Health MAX Black Aged Garlic formulation.

Gold Health Aged Black Garlic Health Blog

8 Ways How Aged Black Garlic Can Support Our Health as We Age

The how and why aged black garlic is beneficial to our health

And the over 50 scientific studies behind Gold Health MAX Black Aged Garlic formulation

The Gold Health Story

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To this day, we cherish the time spent helping our customers. We take the time to understand their needs and to provide advice around our solutions.  We treat each customer as we would our own family – with care, empathy, and love!

Gold Health now has a new story about why we are so passion about your health, the natural way...

What Our Customers Say:

Our customers’ trust and loyalty for nearly 20 years is tremendously humbling!


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    Best Garlic Product We have Tried

    Posted by Rose on 1st Jun 2023

    We have found the aged black garlic to be the best garlic product we have tried. There is no garlic breath as we have found with other brands. This is an excellent product that has kept us free from colds since we have been using it. We highly recommend it.