ProbioFX Gut Restore Antibiotic Support (Sandersons)

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Sanderson ProbioFX Gut Restore contains a scientifically validated probiotic strain called BB-12 that has been shown in over 200 published studies to support a healthy gut and bowel. BB-12 has been developed, researched and is produced by world leader in probiotic innovation, Denmark’s Christian Hansen. The 11 billion good BB-12 bacteria in each tablet have been demonstrated to restore healthy balance to the gut and bowel after anti-biotics or other gastro-intestinal upset. Gut Restore may also be taken when traveling to support resistance to gastric upset. Sanderson  ProbioFX Gut Restore is a pleasant tasting, natural strawberry flavoured, chewable tablet.

Probiotics are generally recommended after a course of antibiotics or other gastric disturbance to restore gastro-intestinal balance. They have been shown to support a strong immune system and resistance to some allergies among other things. Probiotics may also be taken to support resistance to travellers’ stomach upsets.

Bifidobacterium animalis sp lactis (BB-12)    Not less than 11 bil cfus

Contains only natural sweeteners and flavour, and is a very low allergy formula including free from dairy, lactose and gluten.

Tablets are shelf stable stored below 25°C; we do recommend refrigeration after opening to preserve the organism count.

Direction for Use:
Research indicates doses from 6-10 billion live organisms and above are effective to treat a range of gastro-intestinal conditions; we recommend 1-3 tablets per day (11-33 billion) or as prescribed by a health practitioner.

No contraindications or adverse effects are known of for this product.