Xmas for Kids

Support the Health of our Little Ones this Christmas

Thinking about those little tummies loading up with sweets this Christmas?

Support our little ones’ immune system and digestion the natural way!

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Gold Health has been serving our customers with superior practitioner-strength natural health products for nearly 20 years. We have stay almost exclusive to our SuperGold customer community in the past.

We are now offering our chewable supplements to support our little ones' health this summer. They are what our children take on a daily basis.

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Gold Health Super Probiotic Strawberry Chewable

Great for little tummies during a time of indulgence and fun!

• World’s most researched strain BB-12 ®

• Scientifically tested for effectiveness across all age groups and many health areas.

• Developed, researched and produced by world leader in probiotic innovation, Denmark’s Christian Hansen.

• Support gut health, digestion, gut and bowel flora balance.

• Support healthy cholesterol levels, respiratory health, oral health and immune system.

• Natural strawberry-flavoured chewable tablets.

$49.60 $26.00

Gold Health Super C 600 Chewable Vitamin C

Potent immune support, perfect for a holiday season filled with love, socializing, travelling, welcoming oversea visitors and more!

• Ester-Plex® Vitamin C

• Superb Absorption optimum bio-availability compared to ordinary vitamin C.

• Natural orange flavour chewable tablets

• Buffered to be gentle on the stomach.

• Camu Camu is a South American fruit from the Amazon with an extraordinarily high vitamin C content.

• Rose hips are high in vitamin C and also contain the antioxidant lycopene.

• A single Acerola cherry has 65 times more vitamin C than an orange. Second only to Camu camu in terms of natural vitamin C content.

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