Gold Health Natural Supplements for Heart Health

Gold Health Heart Supplements

Good heart health is crucial for a healthy and active lifestyle, and there are many ways to support heart health, including regular exercise, healthy diet, stress management, and avoidance of harmful habits such as smoking. Additionally, certain supplements can also support heart health.
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Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements, for example, have been shown to support heart health by supporting blood flow, and healthy triglyceride levels. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is another supplement that may support heart health by supporting energy production in heart cells and reducing oxidative stress. Furthermore, magnesium, vitamin D, and probiotics have also been shown to support heart health. It is important to consult a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

The Cardiovascular Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to have a number of cardiovascular benefits. Research has demonstrated that the consumption of fish oil can help to support healthy triglyceride levels and our body’s antioxidant response, therefore supporting heart health.. The American Heart Association recommends that individuals consume at least two servings of fatty fish per week, or alternatively, take a daily fish oil supplement, in order to support heart health.

Gold Health Super Fish Oil

CoQ10 Supplements and Heart Health

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a naturally occurring enzyme that plays a crucial role in cellular energy production. It also acts as an antioxidant and has been shown to support heart health. Studies suggest that CoQ10 may support normal blood pressure. Additionally, CoQ10 supplementation may support healthy cholesterol levels. These findings suggest that CoQ10 may be a useful supplement for supporting heart health.

Gold Health Super Q10

Turmeric and Heart Health: Current Evidence

Turmeric is a popular spice commonly used in traditional practice variety of ailments. Studies found that turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin could support healthy vascular function, and cholesterol levels, which are all important in heart health.

The antioxidant properties of turmeric and curcumin are thought to play a key role in supporting heart health. Being able to respond to oxidative stress appropriately and effectively is crucial to heart health. Turmeric and curcumin have been shown to support the production and regulation of key factors in antioxidant responses, therefore supporting a healthy heart.

Gold Health Turmeric XTR 28,000

Can Aged Black Garlic Support Our Heart?

Aged black garlic is a fermented form of fresh garlic that has been shown to support cardiovascular health. Studies suggest aged black garlic supplements may support lipid balance, healthy blood pressure, blood flow and endothelial function. These are all important to heart health.

Gut Microbiota and Heart Health: Exploring Probiotic Strain BB-12

Several studies have reported the beneficial effects of probiotics for supporting cardiovascular health. Among the probiotic strains, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12 (BB-12) has been shown to have potential. BB-12 may help support healthy cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, all of which are important factors for supporting heart health. BB-12 also supports blood vessel strength and healthy blood flow. Therefore the consumption of BB-12 probiotic supplements may support cardiovascular health.

Gold Health Super Probiotic

Vitamin B12 and Heart Health:

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient required for a variety of biological functions, including the formation of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and nerve function. It also plays an important role in supporting cardiovascular health. Studies have found that low levels of vitamin B12 are associated with an increased risk of heart disease, incorporating vitamin B12 supplements into your diet may be beneficial for supporting overall heart health.

Gold Health Activated Vitamin B12 with NZ Kelp

Vitamin B Complex as Heart Health Supplements

Vitamin B complex is a group of eight essential B vitamins that play a vital role in various bodily functions, including cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that a deficiency in any of the B vitamins, such as B1, B6, and B12, may increase the risk of heart disease. Vitamin B6, for example, helps support the integrity of the lining of blood vessels. Vitamin B12 supports healthy nerve cells. Taking vitamin B complex supplements may help support heart health.

XTR-B Plus High Potency Vitamin B Complexp

Magnesium Benefits for Heart Health: Understanding the Role of Heart Supplements

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in supporting heart health. Studies have shown that low magnesium levels are associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Including magnesium-rich foods in the diet or taking heart supplements containing magnesium may be beneficial for supporting heart health. Magnesium supplements help support healthy blood pressure and arterial elasticity and strength.

Gold Health Super Magnesium 1000

Understanding the Role of Multivitamin Supplements for Heart Health

Multivitamins are popular supplements that provides essential nutrients for supporting overall health, and some evidence suggests they may have benefits for heart health. The exact benefits of multivitamins on heart health are still being researched, and more studies are needed to fully understand the relationship between multivitamin supplementation and heart health.

Gold Health Super Senior Multi

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in protecting the heart from oxidative stress as a heart health supplement. Vitamin C also plays a critical role in supporting collagen synthesis, which is essential for maintaining the integrity and strength of blood vessels. While vitamin C can be obtained through a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables, supplements for heart health may be necessary for individuals who do not consume enough vitamin C-rich foods.

Gold Health XTR Super Vitamin C 1300mg
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$190.93 $98.00

Gold Health Circulation Pack Natural Supplement

• Perfect combination to support brain health, mental clarity and focus

• Gold Health Super Fish Oil Omega 3 Double Strength

Whole year supply. From wild-caught South Pacific Ocean species. For brain, heart, joints, vision and skin.

• Gold Health Turmeric XTR 28,000

Carefully designed formulation with upto 20x curcumin absorption. High potency support in body's natural anti-inflammatory response.

$242.26 $147.00

Gold Health Digestion and Detox Health Pack

• Perfect combination to support gut digestion and natural detox processes

• Gold Health Super Probiotics

The world’s most researched probiotics strain tested effective across all ages in many health areas. Support digestion, gut bacteria balance, and immunity.

• Gold Health MAX Black Aged Garlic

Carefully aged and fermented black garlic natural supplement with New Zealand Horopito, providing the perfect food for probiotic good bacteria

• Gold Health Turmeric XTR 28,000

Carefully designed formulation with up to 20x curcumin absorption. High potency support in digestion and liver detox.

$99.03 $49.00

Gold Health Super Fish Oil 2XP Omega 3

• Many claimed high-strength fish oil products are actually just bigger capsules.

• Gold Health Super Fish Oil was specially designed to provide double the normal strength in easy-to-swallow capsules.

• Concentrated EPA and DHA at 2000 mg.

• Derived from a number of sustainably wild-caught, cold water species, such as Anchovies, Sardines, and Mackerel from the prestige South Pacific Ocean.

• Supports cardiovascular health, joint comfort and mobility.

• Supports healthy brain function, mental balance and acuity, vision, and skin.

• Micro Distilled & comprehensively tested for impurities including mercury, heavy metals and pesticides; Complies with strict international quality standards

$75.62 $45.00

Gold Health Super Q10 Co-Q10 Co Enzyme Q10

• Naturally fermented, highly bio-available Q-Sorb™ form of CoQ10.

• Superb Quality No Marketing Hype.

• Well absorbed.

• Q-Sorb™ Co-enzyme Q10 is a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

• Supports the immune system and heart health.

• Supports healthy energy levels, and relieve temporary fatigue.

• Supports stamina and endurance and oxygen uptake on a cellular level.

• Supports healthy gums and skin.

$91.90 $49.00

Gold Health Turmeric-XTR 28,000

• High Potency Curcumin. Up to 20x Absorption

• Gold Health Turmeric-XTR 28,000+ provides 760 mg active component Curcumin.

• A turmeric supplement formulation combining black pepper to improve absorption by up to 20 times.

• Boswellia serrata and ginger were included in the formulation for extra digestive and joint mobility support.

• Aloe Vera is also part of the formulation for its antioxidant effect and soothing benefits for digestion and joint.

• Carefully formulated for potent support for antioxidant defences.

• Also effective in supporting joint mobility, digestive function, cardiovascular and nervous system health, as well as general well-being.

$55.76 $33.00

Gold Health MAX Black Aged Garlic

• Gold Health exclusive black garlic supplement formulation with New Zealand Horopito

• Potent immune support

• Carefully aged and fermented black garlic to enhance its bioactivity and antioxidant potency, and reduce smell and irritation.

• Potent antioxidant and immune support.

• Other health benefits include supporting healthy cardiovascular function, healthy blood pressure and healthy blood lipids.

• Garlic supplement formulated with New Zealand Horopito.

• Prized for its spicy taste and reddish leaves, NZ Horopito supports healthy circulation, digestion and natural antioxidant defences.

• Horopito has been extensively utilized in traditional herbal practice for numerous decades by the Maori people to support stomach health, blood circulation and respiratory health.

$94.90 $65.00

Gold Health Super Probiotic Strawberry Chewable

• World’s most researched strain BB-12 ®

• Scientifically tested for effectiveness across all age groups and many health areas.

• Developed, researched and produced by world leader in probiotic innovation, Denmark’s Christian Hansen.

• Support gut health, digestion, gut and bowel flora balance.

• Support healthy cholesterol levels, respiratory health, oral health and immune system.

• Great for after antibiotics or during travel.

• Natural strawberry-flavoured chewable tablets.

$95.51 $53.00

Vitamin B12 with New Zealand Kelp

• Exclusive formulation.

• A whole year’s supply.

• Activated vitamin B12 fortified with New Zealand kelp.

• Potent brain health and immune support.

• Vitamin B12 is essential for the normal functioning of all our cells. Deficiency can cause many health issues.

• NZ kelp is rich in vitamin B12, many micronutrients, minerals and trace elements.

• Acacia fibre is added to support a heathy gut.

$56.17 $32.00

Gold Health XTR-B Plus High Potency Vitamin B Complex

• Comprehensive Vitamin B Complex.

• Vitamin B1 is essential in helping convert nutrients into energy.

• Vitamin B2 helps to convert food into energy but also acts as an antioxidant.

• Vitamin B3 has a critical part to play in cellular signalling, metabolism, and DNA production and repair.

• Vitamin B5 helps convert energy and is also crucial in hormone & cholesterol production.

• Vitamin B6 is involved in red blood cell production & brain cell communications.

• Vitamin B9 (folic acid) new cells, especially red blood cell production & maintenance.

• Vitamin B12 is vital for normal brain function, DNA & red blood cell production.

• Biotin supports energy levels and blood sugar levels.

• Choline bitartrate supports cholesterol balance and balanced mood.

• Other key nutrients, inositol, PABA, alfalfa, watercress, & parsley, synergistically support energy & brain function.

$54.96 $45.00

Super Magnesium 1000 Muscle Relax and Sleep Support

• Our “Can’t go one day without” hero product.

• 3 organic forms of magnesium salt.

• Up to 10x absorption compared to cheaper inorganic alternatives in products with higher label claims.

• Carefully designed formulation providing noticeable effects in supporting muscle relaxation.

• Also supports nervous system balance, heart function, sleep and mood stability.

• With cofactors, vitamin B6, vitamin D and selenium for optimal absorption of magnesium.

$79.30 $43.00

Gold Health Super Senior Multi XP

• One of the most comprehensive multivitamin formulations available.

• All nutrients in this multivitamin are at meaningful levels.

• Specifically designed multivitamins for the needs of our senior customers.

• Multivitamin formulation with consideration of trace elements lacking in NZ soil.

• Complex of multivitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients to provide general nutrition support.

• Fill gaps caused by inadequate diet & resist the attacks of free radicals.

• 36 key nutrients including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D3, & E, biotin, calcium, garlic oil, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, potassium, boron, soy lecithin choline, inositol, octacosanol, rutin, citrus bioflavonoid, PABA, RNA, DNA, CoQ10, and grape seed oil.

$92.96 $45.00

Gold Health XTR-Super Vitamin C 1300

• Ester-Plex® Vitamin C is a complex with natural co-factors rich in vitamin C.

• High strength providing potent immune support, especially during winter.

• Effective antioxidant, beneficial when the body's need for vitamin C increases, such as during injury or sickness recovery.

• Ester-Plex® Vitamin C with superior absorption and optimum bioavailability compared to ordinary vitamin C.

• Buffered to be gentle on the stomach.

• Camu Camu is a South American fruit from the Amazon with an extraordinarily high vitamin C content.

• Rose hips are high in vitamin C and also contain the antioxidant lycopene.

• A single Acerola cherry has 65 times more vitamin C than an orange. Second only to Camu camu in terms of natural vitamin C content.

$53.42 $28.00

Gold Health Super C 600 Chewable Vitamin C

• Ester-Plex® Vitamin C

• Superb Absorption optimum bio-availability compared to ordinary vitamin C.

• Chewable Immune Support

• Vitamin C complex with natural co-factors rich in vitamin C. Lower strength chewable form of our Gold Health XTR-Super C 1300.

• Buffered to be gentle on the stomach.

• Camu Camu is a South American fruit from the Amazon with an extraordinarily high vitamin C content.

• Rose hips are high in vitamin C and also contain the antioxidant lycopene.

• A single Acerola cherry has 65 times more vitamin C than an orange. Second only to Camu camu in terms of natural vitamin C content.