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Energy FX contains a patent, non-GMO ingredients called Bioenergy Ribose, which has been subject to extensive trials. Ribose is a naturally occurring simple sugar that the body makes from glucose. This substance is found in ribonucleic acid and deoxyribose acid, better known as RNA and DNA.
Ribose is also a component of several compounds involved in metabolism, most notably adenosine triphosphate or ATP, which regulates energy production and storage in cells.

Trials indicate that Ribose supports healthy energy levels in people suffering persistent chronic fatigue, promotes healthy ATP levels in people recovering from a heart condition, it may also assist with post-exercise recovery and endurance.

Bioenergy Ribose (D-Ribose) - 800mg

Direction for Use:
Chronic fatigue, cardiac recovery:
First 3-4 weeks - 5 capsules 3 times per day
As energy levels normalise - 5 capsules 2 times per day
5 capsules per day
Athletic performance:
5 capsules post exercise to support energy recovery or as professionally prescribed.

Warnings :
Diabetics should exercise caution as D-Ribose may increase insulin release and lower blood sugar.