Hearing Aid Accessaries Cleaning Beaker with Basket

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For cleaning of earmoulds by removing stains and disinfecting with active oxygen. Recommended for use twice a week.

Instructions for use:   
Caution: Never put the hearing instrument into the cleansing liquid!!

- Remove insert from Cleaning Beaker. Fill beaker with lukewarm water and add one Earmould Cleaning Tablet.
- Separate earmould from hearing instrument and place in the beaker insert, then place insert into the cleansing beaker.
- Allow earmould to soak for 15 - 30 mins or more (can be left overnight). After soaking, remove the insert and earmould from the beaker and rinse thoroughly with water.
- Ensure all moisture has been removed from in and around the earmould and tubing. We recomend the use of the Air Puffer for this purpose
- Reconnect your aid for use.

Note - Never put the hearing instrument into the cleansing liquid!!