Is Our Body Due for Detoxification after all the Holiday Fun and Indulgence? Natural Detox Top Tips

natural detox tips

Did you know:

Our holiday favourites, sugar, salty foods, processed foods and alcohol can all add additional toxins to our body, as well as negatively affect our natural detoxification?

Over 90% of our alcohol intake is processed by our liver?

To support natural gut detox, we not only need probiotics but also appropriate foods for the probiotics we build?

Good nights of Sleep play a major role in detoxification?

There is a positive reinforcing loop that we can all benefit from: Exercising, leads to enhanced detoxification, then reduced inflammation, and further promotes enjoyment of exercising?

As we share wonderful times and lots of love with our family and friends during the jolly holiday season, do you notice some of the following signs?

• Experiencing brain fog

• Always feeling tired

• You seem to lose more hair

• Noticing some brittle nails

• Having bad breath

• Feeling nauseous at times

• Noticing weight gain

These can be a good indicator that our body is trying to cope with extra toxin buildup. This article shares Gold Health’s top tips for optimizing our body’s natural detox functions.

How the Holiday Lifestyle can Affect our Body’s Toxin Levels?

Sugar, Salty and Processed Foods and our Body’s Detox Workload

Sugar, Salty and Processed Foods and our Body’s Detox Workload

Higher consumption of sugar can cause liver distress, affecting its critical detoxification functions in our body. [1,2,3] Sugary or processed foods hinder our body’s natural detoxification by having negative effects on key organs such as the kidney and liver. [4,5]

Having too much salty food gives our body the tendency to retain water. This is harmful to the function of our kidneys or liver. The frequency of urination is reduced due to water retention, reducing the ability to detox through urine. [6] Extra water retention also leads to bloating and stomach discomfort, therefore reducing our gut’s ability to differentiate nutrients from toxins. [7]

Sugar, sweeteners, and salty processed foods also feed the bad bacteria in our gut, damaging the balance of the good bacteria gut environment, therefore compromising our gut’s ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. [8,9]

Overeating and Organ Detox

Overeating and Organ Detox

Overeating or an unbalanced diet can lead to organ distress, such as liver and kidney stress. [10,11] Even short-term of binge eating can lead to body composition changes, [12] insulin sensitivity changes and imbalance in our metabolism. [13]

Alcohol and Liver Detox

Alcohol and Liver Detox

Did you know that over 90% of alcohol that goes into our body is dealt with and eliminated by our liver? [14] Our liver recognizes the alcohol as a toxin and converts it to a harmless compound and then gets rid of it from our body. [14] Overloading our liver with alcohol can have many negative effects on its normal functions, including fat buildup, tissue damage and inflammation. [15] Our liver is then compromised in its normal functions to filter toxins out of our body.

5 Top Tips to Support our Body’s Natural Detox Functions

Benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Body Detox

Benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Body Detox

Probiotics are good bacteria in our gut that help us to break down food and absorb nutrients. They can also generate an essential nutrient, short-chain fatty acid. [16,17]

Prebiotics are types of fibre that feed the good bacteria, probiotics, in our gut. Together with probiotics, they promote a balanced gut environment and digestive cell integrity. Having a balanced gut environment and proper functioning cell lining is critical to our detoxification and elimination system to protect our digestive tract so that harmful toxins don’t get to enter our body. [18]

Foods that are rich in probiotics are fermented foods and yoghurts. Foods that are rich in prebiotics include tomatoes, bananas, asparagus, onions, garlic and oats. [19]

Gold Health Super Probiotic provides scientifically tested effective probiotic cells to support gut health, digestion, immune system and detoxification.

Gold Health MAX Black Aged Garlic is a superb prebiotic food for the good bacteria already in our gut and added by Gold Health Super Probiotic. It promotes a balanced gut environment and also has specific detoxification effects as described below.

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Gold Health Digestion and Detox Health Pack

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Antioxidants Assist in Detoxification

Antioxidants Assist in Detoxification

Our body produces free radicals as it goes through normal daily functions, such as digestion. Exposure to alcohol, smoking, poor diet and chemical and pollutant exposure all lead to the production of excessive free radicals in our bodies. [20] These free radicals cause oxidative stress to our cells, tissues and organs, therefore contributing to a wide variety of health conditions, such as dementia, heart and liver conditions, asthma and cancer [21,22]

Getting sufficient antioxidants can help our body to reduce oxidative stress, counteract the effects of free radicals and help our body detox.

Foods rich in antioxidants include berries, fruits, nuts, vegetables, spices, green tea and cocoa. Key antioxidant nutrients are vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, lutein and zeaxanthin.

The following Gold Health formulations provide potent antioxidant nutrients:

XTR Vision

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XTR-Super Vitamin C 1300

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With super fruit co-factors, Camu Camu, Rose hips, & Acerola cherry natural form of vitamin C.

Super Q10 Co Enzyme Q10

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Turmeric XTR 28,000

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20x improved absorption.

Supports natural anti-inflammatory responses, joint, digestion, heart, brain, and general health.

With Boswellia, ginger, and aloe vera.

XTR Cranberry 100,000

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Detox through Good Nights of Sleep

Detox through Good Nights of Sleep

One of the most important aspects of detoxification is getting a good night of sleep. This is so easily forgotten by our fast-paced modern society. It is during sleep that our brain get to reorganize and recharge, instructing our cells and organs to remove toxins and harmful byproducts during the day’s activities. [23,24] Even one night of lack of sleep can cause toxin buildup [25]

Gold Health has the perfect natural sleep combination:

Super Magnesium 1000 Muscle Relax and Sleep Support for muscle relaxation

Super Sleep for Seniors Synergistic Herbal Sleep Support for mind relaxation

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Exercising and Reduced Inflammation Supports Natural Detox

Exercising and Reduced Inflammation Supports Natural Detox

Regular exercise can promote reduced inflammation and risk of many diseases. [26,27] By elevating inflammation and speeding up circulation and metabolism, exercising helps the body to detox, and strengthen its immune system and protect against health concerns. Reduced inflammation in turn support the ease and enjoyment of more exercises.

Gold Health provides a range of natural supplements to support our joints and natural inflammation responses for exercise mobility and comfort:

Super Joint Glucosamine and Chondroitin

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OsteoMX3 Glucosamine and fish oil

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Simply Drink More Water to Detox

Simply Drink More Water to Detox

Don’t overlook the simple action of drinking more water.

Water can:

• satisfy our thirst

• regulate our body temperature [28]

• lubricate our joints [28]

• help our gut in digestion and nutrient absorption [28]

• and most importantly water is critical for detoxification. As our cells break down nutrients and repair themselves to support our normal functions, wastes are produced during these processes. Water carries these wastes and gets rid of them through urination, breathing or sweating. [29]

Let’s Support Our Joyful Holidays with Natural Detoxification!


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