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Zeaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid found in various fruits and vegetables, such as peppers, spinach, and corn. It is a powerful antioxidant that supports the body’s healthy responses to oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Zeaxanthin is also known for its role in supporting healthy vision, particularly by supporting age-related macular eye healthy and health lenses in the eyes. Due to its potential health-supportive benefits, zeaxanthin supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years.
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Support eye health with Zeaxanthin benefits

Zeaxanthin supplements may support eye health by supporting the retina to respond to oxidative damage and supporting age-related macular eye health. This supportive effect help to support vision function and the preservation of eye sights in older adults. Studies have found that Zeaxanthin supplements may support macular cell and tissue recovery and support visual function in people at various stages of their macular eye health.

Support healthy lenses as a Zeaxanthin benefit

Clear lenses of the eyes are important to support optimal eye health and vision function. Zeaxanthin supplements can support the maintenance of healthy lenses. Studies have found that people with higher levels of Zeaxanthin in their diets have supported healthy lenses and vision functions. Additionally, Zeaxanthin supplements may help support the visual acuity of people with lens conditions.

May support skin protection from UV damage

The benefits of Zeaxanthin supplements can support the skin’s ability to be protected from UV damage and support the healthy life and death of skin cells. Studies have found that Zeaxanthin has antioxidant properties that can help support the skin to withstand UV-induced damage and support long-term skin integrity, health and normal functions.

Brain function Support from Zeaxanthin benefits

Zeaxanthin supplements can help support function, particularly in older adults. Studies have found that add a Zeaxanthin supplement to our daily regime may support the brain’s ability to focus. The supplement was also found to support brain processing speed in older adults. These benefits of Zeaxanthin could be due to antioxidant support in the brain.

Zeaxanthin benefits to support cardiovascular health

We can benefit from Zeaxanthin’s support in cardiovascular health by supporting healthy blood lipid levels, blood vessel function and antioxidant responses of the heart and blood. Studies using Zeaxanthin supplements found their supportive properties in blood vessel integrity and the ability to relax and contract normally. Supported response to oxidative stress in the heart was also observed.

Healthy life-death cycles

Zeaxanthin supplements were suggested to support the healthy growth and development of cells and the appropriate cell death at the end of their lifecycle. Studies have found that Zeaxanthin may have such supportive effects in several organs, including the breast, lung, and colon.

Support immune function

Zeaxanthin can support the activity of immune cells and the appropriate functioning of the immune system, therefore supporting immune function. Studies have found that Zeaxanthin may support the production of white blood cells and the function of natural killer cells, which play a key role to support immune response.

Support healthy blood sugar levels with Zeaxanthin benefits

With their antioxidant properties and the ability to support balanced insulin levels, Zeaxanthin supplements were found to support healthy blood sugar levels. Studies using Zeaxanthin supplements found their potential support in glucose metabolism and healthy blood sugar balance with appropriate antioxidant responses of the blood.

Zeaxanthin Benefits in Bone health support

Zeaxanthin supplements may support bone health by supporting bone mineral density and bone strength. Studies have found that Zeaxanthin may support the positive activity of osteoblasts, the cells responsible for bone formation, and support the balance of osteoclasts activities, the cells responsible for bone resorption.

Liver health support as a Zeaxanthin Benefit

With their powerful antioxidant properties, supplements containing Zeaxanthin support healthy liver function. Zeaxanthin supplements used in studies were found to support liver protection from toxins, possibly by supporting antioxidant defences and appropriate immune responses.
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