Gold Health Watercress Supplements (Nasturtium officinale)

Watercress is a green leafy vegetable that is packed with nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, and antioxidants. It has been used for centuries in traditional practices to support a range of conditions, related to gut health, respiratory health and skin health. Today, watercress supplements are becoming increasingly popular as a convenient way to obtain the many health benefits of this nutritious plant.
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Support the Healthy lifecycle of cells

Watercress supplements contain high levels of antioxidants, which help protect the body against damage from free radicals. Studies have shown that watercress can support the healthy and normal production, development and elimination of cells, particularly in the breast, prostate, and colon. This is due to its ability to support the healthy and balanced growth of these cells and support the appropriate death process of abnormal cells. (Perez-Jimenez et al. 2008)

May support cardiovascular health

Watercress supplements may help support cardiovascular health by supporting healthy blood pressure. Studies have found that watercress contains compounds that can support the relaxation of blood vessels, supporting healthy blood flow and healthy blood pressure. Additionally, watercress may help support antioxidant response in the body, which can in turn support heart health.

bone health support with Watercress benefits

Watercress supplements contain high levels of calcium, which is essential to support bone health. Studies have found that watercress supplements may help support bone density and the strong bones needed to support daily acivity. Additionally, watercress contains other nutrients that are important to support bone health, such as vitamin K and magnesium.

Watercress benefits in supporting brain function

Watercress supplements have been studied to support brain function by supporting the antioxidant responses in the brain and supporting healthy blood flow to the brain. Studies suggested that watercress contained compounds that could support brain function, including the ability to focus and think and the overall processing and reaction time. Incorporating Watercress in our diet or adding Watercress supplements was also found to support the retention of mental functions in older adults as they age.

Support liver function through Watercress benefits

Watercress can have supportive effects in the production of enzymes that are important for detoxification, therefore supporting healthy liver function. Studies have shown that watercress supplements contain compounds that can support liver protection against damage from toxins and support the liver to deal with oxidative stress. Furthermore, watercress supplements may also support tissue integrity and recovery in the liver.

Skin Health and Watercress

Due to their potent antioxidant properties and the supportive effects on collagen production, Watercress supplements can be helpful in supporting skin health. Studies showed that some compounds in watercress could support the protection of the skin from damage from UV radiation and the smooth texture and youthful look of the skin. Watercress supplements were also found to support skin hydration and elasticity in studies.

Support digestive health is one of Watercress benefits

Watercress supplements can have supportive effects on digestive health by supporting the production of digestive enzymes and the health and integrity of cells in digestive tracts. When studies were carried out using watercress supplements, they were found to support digestive function, gut health, digestion and comfort, colon health, bowel regularity and the ability to pass gas.

Watercress benefits May support immune function

Watercress supplements can support the production of white blood cells and the activation of the antioxidant process, therefore watercress can be added to our diet or supplement regime to support healthy immune functions. Studies have found that watercress contains compounds that can support the immune system when exposed to pathogens. The supplements containing watercress also support the appropriate immune response to recognize and target foreign invaders, not attacking the body's own cells and tissues

Support eye health

Watercress supplements may help support eye health through their antioxidant support in the eyes and supporting protection of the eyes against damage from UV radiation. Studies have suggested that active compounds in watercress can help support macular eye health and clear lenses. They were also found to support visual acuity.
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Gold Health XTR-B Plus High Potency Vitamin B Complex

• Comprehensive Vitamin B Complex.

• Vitamin B1 is essential in helping convert nutrients into energy.

• Vitamin B2 helps to convert food into energy but also acts as an antioxidant.

• Vitamin B3 has a critical part to play in cellular signalling, metabolism, and DNA production and repair.

• Vitamin B5 helps convert energy and is also crucial in hormone & cholesterol production.

• Vitamin B6 is involved in red blood cell production & brain cell communications.

• Vitamin B9 (folic acid) new cells, especially red blood cell production & maintenance.

• Vitamin B12 is vital for normal brain function, DNA & red blood cell production.

• Biotin supports energy levels and blood sugar levels.

• Choline bitartrate supports cholesterol balance and balanced mood.

• Other key nutrients, inositol, PABA, alfalfa, watercress, & parsley, synergistically support energy & brain function.