Gold Health Potassium Supplements

Potassium is an essential mineral that plays a critical role in numerous physiological processes in the body. It is important to support proper fluid balance, muscle function, and cardiovascular health. Potassium supplements may provide additional health benefits, such as:
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Healthy Blood Pressure

Potassium has been shown to support healthy blood pressure by supporting vasodilation, which is widening of blood vessels that allows blood to flow more freely and balancing the effects of sodium on blood vessels. Potassium supplements can support sodium excretion through the urine. Adequate intake of potassium can help to support blood pressure balance, and potassium supplements can be used as a natural way to support healthy blood pressure levels.

Muscle Function

Potassium is important to support muscle function. Having sufficient potassium levels in the blood can help support muscle strength and its appropriate contraction and relaxation. Potassium supplements may help support muscle function and recovery from muscle-related injuries.

Bone Health

Potassium may also play a supportive role in bone health. Having enough potassium from diet or supplements can support pH balance in the body. A diet that is high in acid-forming foods can lead to an acidic environment in the body, which can cause the body to leach calcium from the bones in order to neutralize the acid. Potassium, on the other hand, is an alkaline mineral that can support to neutralize acid in the body, potentially supporting the balanced need for calcium to be drawn from the bones.

Kidney Function

Potassium supplements can be used as a natural way to support healthy kidney function.

Electrolyte Balance. Potassium is one of the key electrolytes in the body, and it is essential for supporting proper fluid balance and electrolyte levels. Potassium supplements can have supportive effects in balanced calcium deposits and build-up in the kidney.

Digestive Health

Our digestion and gut health can also be supported by potassium supplements. As an electrolyte, potassium can help support healthy muscle contractions throughout the body, including the muscles that line the digestive tract. It also support the integrity of the lining of the stomach or small intestine. Studies also showed that potassium supplements could support bowel regularity and comfort.

Nervous System Function

Potassium is important for proper nervous system function, due to its supportive effects in healthy nerve function. Potassium supplements were found to support healthy and balanced nerve signalling, electrical activity and antioxidant response of the brain again free radicals, therefore supporting mental clarity and healthy brain and nerve functions.
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