Gold Health Passionflower Supplements (Passiflora incamata)

Passionflower is a flowering plant commonly used for its calming and sedative supports. However, passionflower supplements may have a range of other health benefits as well.
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Support feelings of worry

Passionflower supplements may help support feelings of worry and support relaxation. It may support reduced feelings of nervousness and tension and support sleep quality. Passionflower supplements may be a natural alternative to support a sense of emotional stability, tranquility, and a positive outlook on life.

Natural Sleep Support

Supplements containing Passionflower can help support sleep quality and duration. Passionflower supplements support the time it takes to fall asleep and sleep efficiency. Incorporating passionflower in our supplement regime may be a natural support for difficulty in sleep and other sleep conditions.

Support comfort and relaxation

Passionflower has been found to contain compounds to support cell and tissue comfort and relaxation. Supplements containing passionflower can help support balanced sensitivity to unpleasant sensations caused by irritations, injuries or damage.

Antioxidant Properties

Passionflower is a rich source of antioxidants that can support to protect the body against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been linked to a range of health conditions. Being able to support the neutralization of free radicals and protection against cellular damage, passionflower supplements have the potential to support overall wellbeing and healthy aging.

Gut Health Support

Passionflower supplements support digestive health and can be helpful in digestive conditions. This is mainly due to their antioxidant properties in the gut and support of the digestive functions. Studies found that passionflower supplements supported healthy digestion, digestive tract integrity and bowel health and comfort.

Menopausal health

Passionflower supplements may support a healthy transition through the menopause pause, such as supporting a balanced sensation of body temperature and positive mood. They have supportive properties in balanced hormone levels, a sense of well-being and an overall quality of life. This makes passionflower supplements promising support in women going trough menopause.

Support balanced immune reactions

With its antioxidant properties, passionflower can help support balanced immune reactions. They can support the appropriate activation of the immune system at the right time to protect our bodies again pathogens and support the downregulation of the reactions once the challenges have passed.

Brain Function Support

Passionflower supplements were found to support brain health and mental functions such as a clear mind, an active brain, and the ability to focus. This might be due to their support in healthy blood flow to the brain and normal brain function. Studies found that passionflower supplements may be beneficial to support the retention of mental ability as we age.
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