Gold Health Octacosanol Supplements

Octacosanol is a natural compound found in plants such as wheat germ, sugarcane, and rice bran. It is commonly used in supplements to support physical performance and overall health.
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Support Athletic Performance

Octacosanol supplements have been found to support athletic performance by supporting oxygen utilization and endurance. A study on 28 trained male cyclists found that octacosanol supplements supported time to exhaustion and balanced lactate levels, therefore supporting their overall performance, rest and relaxation and fast recovery

Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Incorporating octacosanol supplements can help support healthy cholesterol levels by supporting the balance of different types of cholesterol in the blood. Studies found that octacosanol supplements could support the healthy production and metabolism of cholesterol in the liver.

Supports Liver Health

Octacosanol supplements may support liver health by supporting natural responses to oxidative stress and supporting appropriate immune reactions. Studies have shown that Octacosanol may support healthy liver function by supporting the metabolism of nutrients and other substances in the liver. Supplementing with octacosanol can also support liver protection from toxins and other harmful substances and liver enzyme levels, which can be an indicator of liver health.

Support Stress and Feelings of Worry

Octacosanol supplements have been shown to have supportive effects in stressful situations and the state of feelings of worry. Studies using octacosanol supplements suggested that incorporating octacosanol can help support a sense of calm, relaxation, and peace in both animals and human.

Brain Function Support

Octacosanol supplements have been suggested to support brain function, including mental clarity and focus. Studies found that supplements containing octacosanol can support oxygen uptake by the brain, energy metabolism in the brain, and blood flow to the brain. They also have supportive effects on the antioxidant responses of the brain.

Healthy Immune System

Octacosanol can have supportive effects on immune system function, including supporting antibody production and antioxidant responses. Studies using octacosanol suggested its support in balanced immune cell function, natural killer cell activity and gut microbiota.

Supports Bone Health

Octacosanol supplements have been found to support bone health by supporting bone density and bone mass. There are some studies showing the supportive effects of octacosanol supplements on bone density, healing and muscle function.

Skin Health Support

Skin health can also be supported by incorporating Octacosanol supplements into our daily regime. This is due to their support in skin barrier function, skin hydration, collagen production and skin responses to oxidative stress.
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Gold Health Wellbeing and Healthy Aging Support Pack

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