Gold Health Inositol Supplements

Inositol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that is found in many foods, including fruits, nuts, and beans. It is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in various physiological functions in the body, including insulin signaling, cellular membrane function, and neurotransmitter synthesis.
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Support positive mood and feelings of worry

Inositol supplements have been found to support positive mood and feelings of calmness and relaxation. In a study on participants who were prone to feelings of worry, taking inositol supplements supported their happiness, contentment, and a sense of well-being when facing challenging situations. Another study found that inositol supplements can be an alternative natural support for a state of calmness and relaxation characterized by a lack of intense fear or discomfort and a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Support normal insulin levels

Inositol supplements can support normal insulin Levels, which is important for supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Studies demonstrated that inositol supplements supported normal insulin levels, supporting balanced fasting insulin levels and glucose tolerance.

Fertility support

Inositol supplements may also support fertility in women. Studies showed that women who took inositol supplements had supported rates of ovulation and pregnancy. Inositol supplements may also support sperm quality and quantity in men. These findings suggest that inositol supplements may be a promising supportive therapy for individuals with fertility issues.

Brain function Support

Inositol supplements can help support brain function. Studies carried out with inositol supplements found that people who took inositol supplements regular had supported mental performance and brain activity in regions associated with mental clarity and focus Inositol supplements may also have potential supportive effects for age-related mental health and brain function, supporting older adults to retain their abilities to focus and, perform mentally challenging tasks.

Support healthy metabolism

inositol supplements were found to support healthy blood pressure, healthy blood sugar levels, balanced cholesterol levels and healthy waist circumference and body fat percentage. inositol supplements may help support the proper metabolism of food and nutrients by playing a supportive role in various metabolic processes in the body. Such processes include glucose and lipid metabolism, healthy utilization of fats and carbohydrates and energy production.
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Gold Health XTR-B Plus High Potency Vitamin B Complex

• Comprehensive Vitamin B Complex.

• Vitamin B1 is essential in helping convert nutrients into energy.

• Vitamin B2 helps to convert food into energy but also acts as an antioxidant.

• Vitamin B3 has a critical part to play in cellular signalling, metabolism, and DNA production and repair.

• Vitamin B5 helps convert energy and is also crucial in hormone & cholesterol production.

• Vitamin B6 is involved in red blood cell production & brain cell communications.

• Vitamin B9 (folic acid) new cells, especially red blood cell production & maintenance.

• Vitamin B12 is vital for normal brain function, DNA & red blood cell production.

• Biotin supports energy levels and blood sugar levels.

• Choline bitartrate supports cholesterol balance and balanced mood.

• Other key nutrients, inositol, PABA, alfalfa, watercress, & parsley, synergistically support energy & brain function.

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Gold Health Super Senior Multi XP

• One of the most comprehensive multivitamin formulations available.

• All nutrients in this multivitamin are at meaningful levels.

• Specifically designed multivitamins for the needs of our senior customers.

• Multivitamin formulation with consideration of trace elements lacking in NZ soil.

• Complex of multivitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients to provide general nutrition support.

• Fill gaps caused by inadequate diet & resist the attacks of free radicals.

• 36 key nutrients including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D3, & E, biotin, calcium, garlic oil, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, potassium, boron, soy lecithin choline, inositol, octacosanol, rutin, citrus bioflavonoid, PABA, RNA, DNA, CoQ10, and grape seed oil.

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Gold Health Wellbeing and Healthy Aging Support Pack

• Perfect combination to support general health, well-being, and healthy aging

• Gold Health Super Senior Multi XP

One of the most comprehensive senior multivitamins supports general health and wellbeing and helps fill gaps in nutrition and healthy eating

• Gold Health Super Co Enzyme Q10

Naturally fermented, highly bio-available Q-Sorb™ form of CoQ10. Potent immune system support, energy level support, and much more.